Welcome to Aeronaut Books!

Aeronaut Books is a publisher of aviation history books for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Our goal is to publish fun, exciting books about aviation in the Great War for our readers, and also to preserve the history.

We have been asked why we do not publish on WW2. The reason is, it has been done. Nearly every aspect of WW2 aviation is covered by a book. We are interested in all eras of aviation, but focus our writing and publishing activities on Great War aviation, where we can make a significant contribution.

One of our goals is to ensure all WWI aircraft are documented. We do not have to do it ourselves; for example the great historian Jack M. Bruce documented British aircraft in his landmark book British Airplanes 1914–1918 years ago so we need not do so. However, we have published books on British warplanes that go into greater depth. However, we are currently publishing a series on all German warplanes. German Aircraft of the First World War by Peter Gray & Owen Thetford is a milestone book; however, so much more is known about those airplanes today and we are publishing that knowledge, more photographs, and more drawings. We still lack coverage of Italian aircraft and Austro-Hungarian naval aircraft and are working to fill those gaps.

In addition to the machines, we are also covering the men in greater depth than ever with our series on The Blue Max Airmen, and we are covering the units with books like Jasta 23, Jasta 30, Zeebrugge, and the Grim Reapers.

Similarly, we are covering operations with books like The Great War’s Finest series and In the Skies of Forgotten Courage. We also have some books of aviation art and a few books on railroads.